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After years of absence I’ve decided to start blogging again. The main cause was some spam comments I’ve got for a blog that I had already forgotten. When I had a look at the (German) posts from the past, I thought that it’d be a pity not to preserve them.

The old blog was hosted on wordpress.com, but this time I wanted to host it myself and use a static site generator. I have used Octopress and Jekyll before, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Hugo. It really seems to be a nice tool and it has a decent collection of useful themes. It also is quite fast and flexible.

First, I had to export the old Wordpress site. The exported content was an RSS feed, so it was quite easy to parse it and generate some Markdown files. To make this task more interesting I’ve used Kotlin to convert the content.

Unfortunately, one photo was missing and I also could not find a way to add the comments to Disqus from the outside. That wasn’t a big deal, but I did not want to drop the comments, so I’ve added them to the content and clearly marked them as comments.

I use a local Gitlab installation on one of my Raspberry Pis to manage the new blog. Also, I have fully automated the deployment and I even have a staging system running on another Raspberry Pi. Of course, the blog can be accessed via HTTPS and thanks to the Boostrap theme it also works on small screens.

All in all there are no excuses anymore and I guess I have to write a bit more in the future.


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